Preliminary data collection: 

To identify potential risk based on the information given by the client (e.g. floorplan, technical drawing, other information).


On-site survey (the following points are recorded in our survey):

Identification of potential risks 

Investigating the risk exposure of Legionella 

Audit of conditions of operation (e.g. audit of Legionella logbook if awailable) 


After on-site survey: 

We create the legionella risk assessment in accordance with Hungarian legislations (in Hungary), UK legislations (in the UK) or UK- Hungarian combined legislatios for international firms operating in Hungary.

Preparation of risk assessment documentation 

Bespoke operations manual/chart will be provided 

Recording log with a customised methodology guide will be provided for recording regular and periodic monitoring results (for example, for temperature testing, flushing regime) 

Identify sampling points, sentinel outlets 

Compilation of risk management info

Risk mitigation interventions, creating an action plan

Upon request from the client, determination of disinfection solutions and procedures can be carried out by our expert chemist (selection of disinfectant and concentration determination).

If required, Legionella Awareness training can be delivered for employees in Hungarian or in English languages


Annual, biannual or frequent audit and meetings: 

Holding regular meetings, informing customers about changes in legislation 

On request, we act in an advisory capacity on behalf of the client and get involved in the audit procedure carried out by the Public Health officer. 

Risk assessments will be reviewed and updated if major maintenance work has been carried out e.g. refurbishment, new water treatment equipment, extension. Also, this will be reviewed if changes occur in the building’s change of use of the b exposure level


Risk assessments reviewed and updated if

Lines of communication changes

Major maintenance work has been carried out

New water treatment equipment installed

Extension of the building

If changes occur in the building’s change of use or

Level of exposure changes




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